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Sports Leagues, Teams,
and Athletes

Sportafi: Strengthening Bonds, Ensuring Authenticity 

To sports leagues, teams, and athletes, authenticity is not just about trust but centers around the principle of "truth over trust." Sportafi is more than a tool; it's your ally in ensuring the authenticity of sports memorabilia, emphasizing the importance of truth in building a genuine connection between you and your dedicated fans and supporters.

Curtis Mead autographing baseball for fan at a Tampa Bay Rays game

Curtis Mead autographing a baseball for a fan. 

Building Confidence Through Authentic Memorabilia

Sportafi's user-friendly app and immutable ledgers play a pivotal role in building and preserving the connection between sports enthusiasts and the entities they wholeheartedly support. By ensuring the authenticity of memorabilia associated with your brand, we contribute to the strengthening of the bond within the sports community. Sportafi is not just a platform; it's a commitment to fostering loyalty in the sports community.

Empowering Sports Entities:
Sportafi's Recurring Revenue Model

Sportafi introduces a dynamic recurring revenue model for Sports Leagues, Teams, and Athletes. Through this innovative approach, stakeholders receive proceeds from sports collectible sales, fostering a transparent, autonomous, and ongoing income stream. This model ensures financial sustainability by automatically distributing predetermined percentages or fees to sports leagues, teams, athletes, and agreed-upon stakeholders with each transaction. Sportafi's commitment goes beyond authentication, creating a mutually beneficial partnership that supports the growth and vibrancy of the sports community through a continuous flow of revenue.

Empowering the Sports Ecosystem

Sportafi envisions a sports ecosystem where authenticity is not merely a requirement but a shared value. By empowering stakeholders with a transparent income stream, we contribute to the growth and vibrancy of the sports community. This fosters a landscape where the authenticity of memorabilia is the cornerstone, ensuring a thriving, truthful and interconnected sports world.


Sportafi is not just a solution for authenticating memorabilia; it's a catalyst for building lasting connections and ensuring the continued support of passionate sports enthusiasts.

Fan posing with Randy Arozarena at a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game

Baseball enthusiast and collector posing with Randy Arozarena from the Tampa Bay Rays.

Randy Arozarena's signature on a World Series Baseball

Authentically signed baseball by Randy Arozarena

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