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Core Features

Understanding the key components that make up the Sportafi platform

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Sportafi's patented technology and integrated platform pave the way for sports enthusiasts and fans to navigate the sports market with absolute assurance.  Through these pivotal core features, we cultivate a truthful and dependable sports collectible ecosystem, benefiting athletes, leagues, teams, fans, collectors, and stakeholders alike, while simultaneously elevating the value of sports memorabilia and enhancing the overall fan experience.

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Validated Data Token


Your Guardian of Data Authenticity

Validated Data Tokens (VDTs) are a core feature of the Sportafi platform. These digital tokens, also known as "data tokens," play a crucial role in bridging the gap between the sports collectible industry and the digital landscape, serving as the digital counterparts to physical objects.  Each VDT is a permanent, data-driven record intricately linked to various physical sports memorabilia or events, including autographed jerseys, equipment, trading cards, a record-setting game, and more.
These tokens encapsulate detailed attributes of the sports object or event, including GPS coordinates of its acquisition, timestamps, biometrics of those involved, images of the physical item, level of credibility via the token grade, and any associated documents such as a Certificate of Authenticity, forming a comprehensive and transparent profile of the associated object.  VDTs capture the 'Where, When, Who, What' attribute details and offer indisputable proof of a collectible's legitimacy, making counterfeiting and fraudulent transactions nearly impossible.
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Digital Identity

Modern Identification for a Global World

By validating and securely connecting biometric digital identities, Sportafi establishes a web of truth that permeates the Sports Collectibles and Memorabilia world. Validating digital identities on the Sportafi platform is revolutionizing the way we interact with sports-related collectibles and memorabilia. This groundbreaking feature elevates transparency by validating and linking the biometric digital identity of all stakeholders involved in sports collectibles transactions. Whether you're an athlete, memorabilia appraiser or authenticator, sports official, or collector, Sportafi's platform guarantees that every interaction is grounded in verifiable identity and truth.
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Touch Audit


Empowering Transparency, One Touch at a Time

Sportafi's Touch Audit feature ensures instant access to key details of sports memorabilia, guaranteeing authenticity and transparency. With a simple touch or click, users can delve into the collectible's history, physical attributes, and ownership changes. This historical metadata is securely stored in a Validated Data Token (VDT), capturing every nuance of the sports item, from "Where" and "When" to "Who" and "What," documenting every transaction event. This perpetual recording of transaction events establishes a transparent and reliable source of truth behind the sports memorabilia.
Individuals can confidently showcase and sell their collectibles, knowing that potential buyers can effortlessly verify the authenticity of their sports memorabilia items. Collectors can now invest in sports-related collectibles and memorabilia with a profound sense of assurance, easily validating the authenticity of their collection and minimizing the risk of fraudulent transactions. This heightened transparency cultivates a stronger sense of truth, resulting in increased sales and a broader reach within the sports memorabilia market.

Token Grading System

Your Assurance of Data Quality

The Token Grading System on the Sportafi platform is reshaping the way the industry perceives and values sports memorabilia and collectibles. This innovative feature provides a standardized method of grading and assessing VDTs by utilizing both hardware and being ID levels, empowering informed decisions, reliable transactions, and fostering real truth in the digital economy.
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Bridging the Digital-Physical Divide

Sportafi's patented hardware holds a crucial position in the platform, functioning as the conduit that connects physical sports memorabilia to the digital realm. Users can employ their mobile phones through the app or Sportafi's floating kiosk to securely record data attributes from the physical sports memorabilia items. However, it's essential to highlight that when using a mobile device, the VDT's grading may be at a lower level compared to Sportafi's floating kiosk. These digital tokens serve as a bridge between the tangible sports collectibles world and the digital domain, with the hardware's primary role being to ensure data integrity and enhance the credibility of data transactions.

ChainIT Marketplace

Buy With Truth, Sell With Proof

Every physical sports-related collectible and memorabilia item can be listed on the ChainIT marketplace, accompanied by a unique Validated Data Token (VDT). This seamless connection between the physical and digital realms provides irrefutable proof of authenticity, ensuring that buyers receive genuine products.

Within the sports memorabilia industry, reliance has evolved into a pursuit of "truth" facilitated by technologies such as Sportafi.

This ensures both authenticity and provenance, fostering confidence in transactions and eradicating worries related to fraud, identity theft, and financial loss.

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Join Sportafi and embrace a more transparent and reliable industry where authenticity is guaranteed.

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