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Authentication Agencies

Baseball with Randy Arozarena (from the Tampa Bay Rays)'s signature on a baseball
Certificate of Authenticity for a baseball

Elevate Your Authentication Process with Sportafi

Authentication agencies play a pivotal role in upholding the integrity of sports memorabilia. Sportafi recognizes the gravity of your work and offers an additional layer of protection to strengthen your processes, creating a mutually beneficial partnership that safeguards the authenticity of every item.

This commitment extends further as Sportafi's innovative platform not only ensures authenticity of collectibles but revolutionizes existing COA processes, transforming it into a recurring revenue stream for authentication agencies and stakeholders through a dynamic Recurring Revenue Model.

Extra Layer of Protection

In an industry where counterfeit items pose a constant threat, Sportafi stands as your ally, dedicated to ensuring the integrity of sports memorabilia by elevating your current authentication processes.  Our platform provides an extra layer of protection against counterfeit items, ensuring that every item authenticated by your agency is backed by tamper-proof records and credibility.

Mutually Beneficial Partnership

At Sportafi, we believe in partnerships that go beyond technology. Authentication agencies benefit from a percentage of the sale when the digital token is transferred, creating a win-win situation. By choosing Sportafi, you not only bolster the authenticity of sports memorabilia but also ensure the sustainability and growth of your agency. It's not just about authentication; it's about creating a robust ecosystem where stakeholders work together for the common goal of a fraud-free marketplace.

Empowering Authentication Authorities

Sportafi is more than a platform; it stands as a transformative force within the sports memorabilia and collectibles industry. By providing an additional layer of protection and forging mutually beneficial partnerships, we empower authentication authorities to lead the charge against counterfeit items. Our shared commitment to authenticity acts as a catalyst for positive change, fostering a more genuine and truthful sports memorabilia market.


In a world where authenticity is paramount, Sportafi stands as a partner for authentication agencies, prioritizing truth and providing a secure and transparent environment in the sports memorabilia industry.

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