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Recurring Revenue Model

Transforming Revenue Paradigms with Sportafi

In the traditional sports collectible market, stakeholders typically gain benefits only from the initial merchandise sale, with no additional rewards thereafter. 

Sportafi transforms this norm with a unique Recurring Revenue Model, initiating an enduring income flow for stakeholders—comprising the associated athlete, sports leagues, teams, authentication agencies, and collectible manufacturers—with each transaction. Stakeholders earn a percentage during the digital token transfer whenever the merchandise changes hands from buyer to seller’s wallet. At Sportafi, the focus extends beyond establishing market authenticity; it's about fostering a mutually beneficial arrangement and a resilient ecosystem where stakeholders collaborate towards the common goal of a fraud-free marketplace

Randy Arozarena autographed baseball

Randy Arozarena autographed baseball

How It Works

Provenance and Ownership Assurance

When a sports collectible is sold, the associated Validated Data Token (VDT) serves as the guardian of provenance and proof of ownership. At the time of sale, the token seamlessly transfers to the buyer's wallet through a smart contract, ensuring a secure and transparent transaction.

Automated Revenue Distribution

Sportafi's smart contracts go beyond provenance; they automate revenue distribution to all relevant parties. Sports leagues, teams, athletes, authentication agencies, and agreed stakeholders receive their predetermined percentages or fees automatically as the token changes hands between seller and buyer wallets.

Increasing Returns Over Time

With every successive sale of the same sports collectible, stakeholders not only receive royalties but also witness a sustained growth in their residual income. As the collectible appreciates in value, Sportafi's automated system adeptly calculates and disburses escalating amounts, ensuring a flourishing and sustainable revenue flow over time.

Token-Sports Collectible Connection

The magic lies in the connection between the Validated Data Token and the sports collectible. These entities are intertwined, ensuring that future owners not only have validation of ownership and provenance but also contribute to the perpetual income stream for stakeholders.

Forever Income for Stakeholders

Through Sportafi, stakeholders enjoy a perpetual income stream. The interconnected token and sports collectible create a system where revenue continues to flow to all stakeholders with each successive sale, establishing a lasting and rewarding partnership.


Sportafi's Recurring Revenue Model not only transforms the traditional sports memorabilia market but also empowers stakeholders, providing them with a sustainable and evolving source of income as their contributions continue to resonate with sports enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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