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Aaron Judge Record-Breaking 62nd Home Run

Memorializing Baseball History 

Sportafi Chronicles Aaron Judge's Record-Breaking 62nd Home Run

In a moment destined to reverberate through the pages of baseball history, Aaron Judge, the formidable Right Fielder for the New York Yankees, achieved an electrifying feat on October 4th. During the thrilling game against the Texas Rangers at Globe Life Park, Judge cemented his legacy by launching his record-breaking 62nd home run. This monumental event unfolded in the very first at-bat, as Judge sent the ball soaring into the left field bleachers.

The significance of this extraordinary moment extends far beyond the confines of the baseball field. In a historic turn of events, unfolding just a few rows from the exact spot where the ball landed, Sportafi CEO, Jeremy Blackburn, and in-house general counsel, Bryan McArdle, seized a unique opportunity to etch their names in the annals of baseball history. Recognizing the gravity of the occasion, they seized the opportunity to commemorate the moment by creating a Validated Data Token (VDT) using the Sportafi App, forever immortalizing the record-breaking event. Here is how they did it.....


Bryan McArdle and Jeremy Blackburn

Connecting an Event to a VDT

First, download the ChainIT app, the software powering Sportafi, and create an account before capturing attribute details related to “where”, “when”, “who”, and “what” pertaining to the sports event or occasion.

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A Left Field Legacy at Globe Life Park
Globe Life Park in Arlington, TX, is where Jeremy & Bryan witnessed Aaron Judge's record-breaking home run.  Utilizing the Sportafi mobile kiosk, they create a VDT which precisely records the GPS coordinates, pinpointing their exact location, down to the specificity of left field. This meticulous process ensures the VDT vividly represents the spatial origins of this exhilarating moment, adding a layer of detail to the historical record.
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Sportafi captures the GPS coordinates of the exact location (or a 10-mile radius) of where the event was registered.
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Sportafi records the timestamps associated with the event, including the VDT creation date & time and any subsequent changes in VDT ownership.
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The Timestamp Legacy of a Historic Event
The timestamp feature immortalizes the moment when the VDT was created, intrinsically connecting the historic event to a digital equivalent. The monumental event bears the creation date & time, allowing fans transparently view into the memorabilia confirmation, enhancing their experience and fully believing in the authenticity of the recorded event.
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Identity Confirmations in Iconic Moment
As the owner of the VDT for this historic record-breaking moment, Jeremy's digital identity is indelibly entwined within it, while Bryan's digital identity stands as a witness, adding depth to the vibrant narrative of those connected to this iconic baseball moment. Athletes, teams, referees, and officials can also be cited and authenticated, amplifying the VDT's genuineness and elevating its overall value.
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Sportafi records the individuals or entities associated with the event, including the VDT creator, witnesses, and officials, adding extra layers of assurance and validation to the VDT.
Each VDT is assigned a unique identifier, such as a QR code, bar code, serial number, or RFID. When someone scans this code, they gain access to all key details and verified data associated with this monumental baseball event.
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Archiving a Historic Moment
The VDT serves as a thorough archive of the event, encompassing details like Aaron Judge's 62nd home run moment, team and player specifics, the hit's location, and additional game-related information. Sportafi enhances the experience by enabling the incorporation of pictures and videos taken during the event. This not only bolsters credibility but also enrich the overall sports memorabilia experience.
Preserving the Echoes:
Sportafi's Ode to Aaron Judge's Legacy

Aaron Judge's historic 62nd home run baseball


Throughout sports history, there are moments that transcend time, etching themselves as indelible chapters in the game's narrative. Aaron Judge's record-breaking 62nd home run stands as one such monumental moment, forever woven into the game's legacy. At Globe Life Park, the electrifying crack of the bat echoed through left field, witnessed by Sportafi's pioneers, Jeremy Blackburn and Bryan McArdle.

Their response to this historic event was not merely as spectators but as custodians of history. Seizing the power of technology, they immortalized Aaron Judge's mighty feat through a Validated Data Token (VDT) created by using the Sportafi app. The VDT, a digital testament to authenticity, captures not just the 'where,' 'when,' 'who,' and 'what,' but the very essence of the exhilarating moment.

As fans and enthusiasts delve into the details, scanning the unique identifier on the VDT, they unravel a comprehensive archive – a timestamped legacy, identity confirmations, and a vivid account of the historic event. Sportafi's innovation not only preserves the authenticity of this baseball milestone but also enriches the collective experience of sports memorabilia enthusiasts, ensuring that Aaron Judge's legacy resonates for generations to come.


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