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Use Case

Curtis Mead Autographed Baseball

Collector Spotlight


Willie Lopez with former Tampa Rays Coach, John Maddon

Guardian of Baseball Legacies: Willie Lopez's Journey in Upholding Authenticity and Transparency in Sports Memorabilia with Sportafi

Meet Willie Lopez, a passionate sports memorabilia collector and avid baseball enthusiast who has dedicated himself to upholding authenticity and transparency in the industry. Willie's love for baseball goes beyond the game itself – he is on a quest to preserve the essence of the sport through his extensive collection of baseball memorabilia. Attending games is not merely a pastime for Willie; it's an opportunity to connect with his favorite players and acquire signed autographs that become cherished additions to his collection.


Willie with Tampa Bay Rays Randy Arozarena

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At a Tampa Bay Rays game, Willie Lopez secured an autographed baseball from Curtis Mead, adding a thrilling chapter to his expanding collection. Acknowledging the need to safeguard its authenticity, Willie turned to Sportafi to seamlessly connected his Curtis Mead baseball to a Validated Data Token (VDT), ensuring an indisputable record of its origin. In doing so, Willie not only preserves his collection's legacy but also enhances trust and credibility in the broader sports memorabilia community.


Willie Lopez with Tampa Bay Rays Curtis Mead

Curtis Mead autographing baseball

Connecting Sports-Related Memorabilia to a VDT

First, download the ChainIT app, the software powering Sportafi, and create an account before capturing attribute details related to “where”, “when”, “who”, and “what” pertaining to the physical sports object.

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A Moment at Tropicana Field
Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay stands as the significant venue where Willie acquired the autographed baseball. Utilizing the Sportafi app, Willie captures the precise GPS coordinates of Tropicana Field, ensuring that the VDT associated with his prized memorabilia vividly reflects the spatial origins of this thrilling moment.
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Sportafi captures the GPS coordinates of the exact location (or a 10-mile radius) of where the baseball was registered or currently displayed.
Sportafi records the timestamps associated with the memorabilia, including the VDT creation date & time and any subsequent changes in ownership or display location.
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A Baseball's Timeless Journey Unveiled
The timestamp feature immortalizes the moment when Willie created the VDT, intrinsically connecting the physical baseball to its digital equivalent. The autographed baseball bears the creation date & time, allowing users to transparently view into the collectible's vast history, charting the storied journey and nullifying any ambiguities related to its past.
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Collectors, Athletes, and Guardians
As the VDT creator and owner of the autographed Curtis Mead baseball, Willie's digital identity is forever woven into the VDT. Athletes, teams, referees, and officials can also be referenced and validated, enhancing the baseball's authenticity and increasing its overall value.   Additionally, when the baseball undergoes appraisal or changes hands, each appraiser or collector becomes a steward of its story, enriching the vibrant narrative of individuals linked to this iconic piece of baseball history.
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Sportafi records the individuals or entities associated with the baseball, including the VDT creator, present owner, appraisers, and all past owners or institutions that have possessed or showcased the item over its history.
Each VDT is assigned a unique identifier, such as a QR code, bar code, serial number, or RFID. When someone scans this code, they gain access to all key details and verified data associated with this baseball.
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A Signature Moment
The VDT captures the specifics and features of the Curtis Mead baseball, encompassing the signature, MLB logo, Rawlings branding, the team and players during the game, as well as additional game details. Inclusion of pictures taken by Willie, featuring the autographed baseball, Curtis Mead signing it, and snapshots with Willie and Curtis Mead, further bolsters its credibility and enriches the overall sports memorabilia experience.
Preserving the Authenticity & Integrity of Sports Memorabilia with Sportafi

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Willie's commitment to authenticity and transparency through Sportafi has been nothing short of transformative for the world of sports memorabilia. By seamlessly connecting his prized Curtis Mead baseball to a Validated Data Token (VDT), he has not only safeguarded its authenticity but also revolutionized the way the baseball's history is preserved and shared. Sportafi's meticulous documentation of the 'Where, When, What, Who' aspects has added layers of transparency and truth to the narrative of this valuable piece. Willie's impact resonates as a testament to the transformative power of innovative technology in preserving the integrity of sports memorabilia and enhancing the overall experience for enthusiasts and collectors alike.
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