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A collection of autographed sports memorabilia including jerseys, footballs, and basketballs.

About Us




Redefining Authenticity in Sports Memorabilia

Our Story

At Sportafi, we are committed to transforming the way sports collectibles are valued, bought, and sold. Founded with a commitment to integrity and transparency, the Sportafi platform leverages patented and immutable ledger technology to connect sports collectibles to the digital world through verifiable, tamper-proof digital tokens. This innovative solution cultivates consumer confidence and maximizes the value of sports collectibles in a secure and truthful manner.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish a truthful ecosystem dedicated to sports collectibles. Prioritizing TRUTH over trust, we provide a reliable and verifiable method to authenticate sports collectibles, fostering a more credible ecosystem. This commitment benefits not only collectors and enthusiasts but also industry stakeholders as a whole, ensuring transparency and authenticity in every aspect of the sports memorabilia market.

Discover how Sportafi ensures transparency, authenticity, and provenance in the sports memorabilia world.

The Sports Memorabilia Industry

The Problem:


With a global collectible market valued at over $230 billion annually, the demand for sports-related items is incredibly high.  However, the industry grapples with ongoing challenges concerning the authentication of these items, with estimates suggesting that 50-80% are counterfeit, according to the FBI. The absence of transparency in the provenance of sports collectibles poses a significant hurdle for collectors, making it challenging for them to place trust in their purchases and casting mistrust within the market overall. In an environment where the authenticity of collectibles remains uncertain, the industry is confronted with a substantial challenge in definitively verifying and validating the provenance of sports memorabilia.

The Solution:


An easy to use app that creates a fully functional digital equivalent of any new or used sports memorabilia containing attributes that can be transparently validated to provide provenance to anyone.  Sportafi's platform ensures that every item's history and journey are transparently recorded, allowing buyers to verify the origin and ownership of their memorabilia. Sportafi addresses the uncertainty surrounding collectible authenticity, offering indisputable proof of legitimacy and thereby making counterfeiting and fraudulent claims nearly impossible. This fosters a more transparent and truthful collectibles industry, benefiting collectors, athletes, sports leagues, teams, authentication agencies, collectible manufacturers, and fans.

Sportafi is the innovative solution to the industry's counterfeit problem, championing "truth" over trust.

aaron-judge ok (1).jpg
Aaron Judge autographing a fan's jersey.

Core Features

Validated Data Tokens (VDTs):

Sportafi links physical sports collectibles to a digital token called Validated  Data Tokens, containing attribute details about the item, such as GPS coordinates of where it was acquired, timestamps, biometric of those involved, images of the physical item, and associated documents like Certificate of Authenticity. 

Biometric Digital Identity

Sportafi validates and links the biometric digital identity of the person who registered the collectible, authenticator, and all other relevant parties involved in the sports collectible or transaction, further enhancing the authenticity and transparency of the process.

Touch Audit

Gain instant access to key details of any sports collectible or event with a simple touch or click. Touch Audit offers instant verification of essential metadata details including Where, When, Who, What, providing a transparent and reliable source of truth behind the information.

Token Grading System

Our Token Grading System for sports memorabilia meticulously assesses the provenance and authenticity of each item, providing collectors and enthusiasts with a trusted and standardized method to evaluate the quality and integrity of their sports collectible investments.


Using floating kiosks and a mobile app, Sportafi's patented hardware connects physical sports items and events to the digital world by immutably recording the data attributes from the physical piece. This information is stored in a unique Validated Data Tokens, or VDTs.


Every physical sports collectible item can be listed on our marketplace and is accompanied by a unique Validated Data Token (VDT), seamlessly connecting the physical and digital realms. VDTs provide irrefutable proof of authenticity, ensuring that buyers receive genuine products.

Autographed baseball by David Ortiz

Genuine autographed baseballs signed by David Ortiz

David Ortiz, also known as "Big Papi," from the Boston Red Sox, autographing a baseball for a fan.

David Ortiz "Big Papi" signing a baseball for fan

Say goodbye to counterfeit items and fraud risk, and join an authentic and truthful ecosystem dedicated to sports collectibles.

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