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El futuro de los recuerdos deportivos

Activos deportivos reales. Valor real.


¿POR QUÉ Sportafi?

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Introduciendo la verdad, la transparencia y la tecnología en el mercado de recuerdos deportivos. 

Eradicate fraud, elevate truth, and enhance the value of the sports memorabilia market with Sportafi.

Sports memorabilia baseball cards verified for authenticity through Sportafi via ChainIT


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Coleccionables del mundo físico vinculados con activos digitales

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Discover a revolutionary platform for authenticating the origin, establishing ownership, and reviewing transaction histories of both new and existing sports memorabilia through verified data records with complete transparency to users. 

Our Solutions For

Sports Collectors & Fans

Sportafi boosts fans and collectors' confidence in authentic memorabilia. The user-friendly app, powered by immutable ledger technology and a patented platform, offers thorough authenticity and history details, ensuring protection against fraud while fostering trust through transparent, tamper-proof records in the marketplace.

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Sports Leagues, Teams & Athletes

Sportafi builds trust for leagues, teams, and athletes by ensuring authentic memorabilia through its user-friendly app and immutable ledgers, further strengthening connections between sports enthusiasts and the entities they support. Stakeholders receive a share of sales, creating a transparent, autonomous, and ongoing income stream.

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Authentication Agencies

Sportafi bolsters the integrity of existing authentication companies' processes by providing an extra layer of protection. These companies also benefit from a percentage of the sale when the digital token is transferred from the seller's wallet to the buyer's wallet, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership.

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Collectible Manufacturers

Sportafi provides a straightforward means to validate products' authenticity, showcasing the manufactures commitment to ethical practices and preserving your reputation. This involves verifying items' origins directly from the manufacturing source, ensuring transparency and trustworthiness in your operations.

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Randy Arozarena signed baseball verified for authenticity through Sportafi via ChainIT

Randy Arozarena

Learn more about how to ensure authenticity in the Sports Collectible & Memorabilia market

Mike Trout signed baseball verified for authenticity through Sportafi via ChainIT
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