Real Sports Assets. Real Value.

WHY Sportafi?

Introducing truth, transparency, and technology to the sports memorabilia market. 


Real-world collectibles paired with digital assets

Collecting sports memorabilia isn’t just a hobby for fans anymore. The U.S. sports memorabilia market amounts to $5.4 billion annually and yet fraud is prevalent throughout the industry, with experts at the FBI estimating 50-80% of items are counterfeit. Sportafi aims to change the market with their patented systems pairing real-world collectibles with digital assets, which promises to bring truth and transparency creating a safer marketplace for all.

Connecting physical assets to the Blockchain

"Chain It" is the act of pairing physical assets and connecting them to the blockchain, connecting physical assets to the digital world in an immutable way through the pairing of events related to WHERE, WHEN, WHO, & WHAT. These events provide information that is immutably recorded on the blockchain, therefore providing truth and transparency. Learn how to chain your items.

chainit asset1.png

Proudly Black Ink Tech

Black Ink Tech, the parent company of Sportafi, is an immutable ledger-based technology company that has revolutionized systems to produce verifiable records of truth and accountability for essentially every action and process that individuals and corporations undertake on a daily basis.  With their patented hardware and software platform and through true autonomous verification, they’re able to create a digital pairing of a physical asset that is fully tradable, which has never been done before. This revolutionary technology is already changing not just one; but multiple industries and shows no sign of stopping.