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Sportafi : The Future of Sports Memorabilia

By tying physical items to digital assets, collectors can rely on hard data instead of soft opinions

We are changing the game

Sportafi is changing the game of sports memorabilia with its patented software and hardware systems pairing real-world assets with digital tokens creating an immutable record. By pairing the physical item with a digital asset, memorabilia only need to be authenticated once and any transactions/exchanges thereafter will be added to the record bringing transparency to the sports memorabilia market.


Whether a baseball is caught on the field or passed down father-to-son, every fan has the opportunity to register their piece of sports history wherever Sportafi has a kiosk


Bringing authenticity to the market by immutably tying physical assets to digital tokens benefiting both collectors and the league, teams, and players that give these items meaning



A comprehensive database of items and authenticators will allow all levels of collectors, from those just starting out to those who have long been in the game, to add to their collections with confidence

What makes Sportafi Unique?

What really makes Sportafi stand out among its competitors is the technology behind it. 


The Sports Memorabilia market is in desperate need of an update. Auction houses and competitors of Sportafi rely solely on their knowledge and expertise in the field, which while valuable, can’t replace the accuracy our patented technology brings to the table

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Why should we chain Memorabilia?

Currently in the sports memorabilia market...Fraud runs rampant.


Ahead of Super Bowl LV in 2020, Homeland Security seized 169,000 counterfeit sports memorabilia items (jerseys, championship rings, and COVID-19 masks). This is just one example of how big of a problem fraud has become in the market. 


The FBI estimates that anywhere from 50-80% of sports memorabilia is fake.


Currently, the burden is on the buyer to research the seller and prove authenticity before engaging in purchasing a collectible. With Sportafi, there’s no question of whether a collectible is authentic or not thanks to the immutable record created from the time a collectible is registered to its current owner.   


This added level of security will bring a new standard of transparency and truth to the world of sports memorabilia creating a safer marketplace and increasing the value of truly authentic items.

Reduced Fraud

Sellers must have the digital key along with the collectible in order to prove authentication in order to receive payment and transfer to the buyer’s wallet eliminating any question of whether the collectible is authentic.

Safer Market

Currently, the burden is on the buyer to do their own research to determine if the seller is trustworthy and the item they are selling is authentic. Sportafi brings truth and transparency to a marketplace that has for far too long been overrun with fraud.

Enhanced Security

With the added level of security tying physical objects to an immutable record of the time, location, biometrics of the official, owner and/or player, it will be nearly impossible for fakes to be created. 

Historical data

From the digital asset “genesis” or creation data to the current ownership, every change of hands is immutably recorded on the blockchain, and available to be viewed by any prospective buyer.

Our Core Features

For buyers/sellers:

ChainIt: Able to view assets and verify their authenticity, as well as, exchange or sell the items in the Sportafi Mobile app, and through the Digital Wallet in the web app. 

For added security during transactions, the physical asset and the digital token must be together or else the transaction cannot be authenticated.

Sports memorabilia has the intrinsic value of being able to take us back to a pivotal moment in time and the rush of emotions we experience when seeing amazing feats on the field. Give your collectibles even more value by immutably tying them to digital assets so they never lose their worth.

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Audit Comply

Audit verification of biometric driven events on the blockchain

Kiosk (Node)

Acting as the GPS anchor, the kiosk is the portal through which any real-world item can be paired with a digital asset using the blockchain to immutably record the time and the biometrics of the owner, official, and/or authenticator for an added measure of security.

How Sportafi Changes the Game of Sports Memorabilia

Sportafi’s patented software and hardware platform pairs sports memorabilia and collectibles with a digital asset creating an immutable digital asset that becomes the “token” or key for the verification of the object. The token and physical object are then inextricably linked. Sellers must have both in order to complete a transaction, one without the other nullifies the transaction. 


Unique, tamper-proof identifiers, like the RFIDs already found in NFL footballs, act as the link between real-world objects and the blockchain. This pairing makes it easier to verify a collectible’s authenticity and harder to create fake memorabilia benefiting both the fans and the leagues/teams/players behind it.


These security features will all but eliminate fraud in the marketplace. It’s nearly impossible to create a duplicate digital asset due to the requirements of time, location, and biometrics from when the item was authenticated or registered. Time is immutably recorded on the blockchain with the kiosk acting as the GPS anchor, in addition, the biometrics of the owner, official, authenticator, and/or player are all recorded. 


Because of this, owners are able to maintain ownership, even if an item is stolen or lost. The physical item cannot be sold without the authenticating token (NFT), and vice versa. 


To further prevent fraud, authenticating companies and sports leagues officials stake their reputation on the verification of these items. Once an individual is found to be authenticating fake items, all of their credibility is lost. In addition, a database of all authenticators and items accessible to all prospective buyers bringing a level of transparency never before seen in the sports memorabilia world.  


There’s something special about holding a piece of sports history from a breathtaking moment by your favorite team. 


There’s something even more special when there’s no question that that piece of memorabilia is authentic. 


Sportafi is helping to bring that feeling to all fans and take the sports memorabilia market to the next level

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