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About Sportafi
  ....and what makes it unique


Sportafi Is Changing the Game

When it comes to the sports memorabilia market, Sportafi is changing the game. Our patented hardware and software platform creates Validated Data Tokens for new and existing sports memorabilia, helping eliminate the risk of counterfeit items. The sports memorabilia market is ready for technology to bring truth and transparency to a notoriously fraud-ridden industry.

The Sportafi platform introduces authenticity and transparency to players, teams, leagues, and fans by creating a unique bond never before seen in the sports memorabilia world. Our marketplace is an inclusive ecosystem that benefits the five main pillars of sports memorabilia: merchandise manufacturers, professional sports leagues, players' associations, authenticating agencies, and the committed collectors and diehard fans who are the driving force behind the industry.

There’s something special about holding a piece of sports history in your hands. There’s something even more special knowing that piece of memorabilia is authentic.


What Makes Sportafi Unique?

What truly makes Sportafi stand out among its competitors is our revolutionary patented software and hardware technology.


Sportafi brings truth and transparency to an industry notorious for fraud. Read more about Fraud Prevention here. Additionally, existing certification companies can use their knowledge and expertise in the field to leverage our patented technology to maximize value to clients.

Authentication companiesand officials stake theirreputations on authenticating sports memorabilia items. Once a company or individual is known for authenticating fraudulent items, all credibility is lost.


Sportafi offers an immutable asset database accessible to all prospective buyers, bringing a level of transparency and accountability never before seen in the sports memorabilia world.

Sports collectibles are assets, and should be treated as such. Sportafi not only offers a patented hardware and software platform for collectible registration and verification, but also a transparent marketplace for buyers and sellers.



The digital token database and platform where all sports memorabilia and collectibles are stored, accessed, transferred, and exchanged.


Touch Audit

This feature provides audit verification of events on the blockchain, as well as confirmation of the digital token’s data.


Kiosk (Node)

Acting as the GPS anchor, the kiosk is the portal through which any real-world item can be linked to a digital token. Using the blockchain, the kiosk immutably records the time, location, images, and biometrics of the owner, official, and authenticator.

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